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Latest news: PAYE, new formula, already supported by Smartpay...
Smartpay is BACK!!!
No need to buy software - Rent it !
Monthly fee: Rs.30 per payslip.
or R.25 / payslip for fortnightly pay
or R.20/payslip for weekly pay

To test-drive the system, use the menus above, or click sign-up to send us your company's profile, so that we can give you a quote, and a password, with your own Smartpay database.

Be aware that we have not implemented all the features in the Test Drive. Payroll systems vary considerably according to which type of industry/ commerce/ organisation you are using them. We will help  you to test and tune Smartpay upon signing up. Smartpay Online is the ideal solution for tiny, small, and medium size workforces. The cost of having a dedicated PC, a payroll clerk, and knowledge of the intricacies of NPS/PAYE rules is high. With Smartpay Online you do not have to worry about backup, Operating System licenses, upgrading of computers, training payroll clerks, etc.



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